Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Dollhouse

I was showing one of my friends the amazing photosim and landscaping store that is Whole Wheat, and we got inspired by this set! If you haven't been to Whole Wheat and like taking photos, you need to take a trip immediately! Anyone can visit and snap photos, and for 150$L you can join the group and gain rezzing rights for more options in your photos! Whole Wheat is one of my favorite sims, and the owners are always adding new, amazingly detailed sets for everyone to use.

This set in particular really stood out to my gorgeous friend, Lix (the redhead), so this shoot was her idea. We coordinated our looks (yay for friends who both have ridiculous inventories and can build matching outfits!) and got to playing. There's something special about a friend who is as excited to stand around taking photos for hours like I am!

The Clockwork Doll set by Sweet Thing., Dreamy set by Moon Elixir, and Miss Mabel hair by Lamb. all go PERFECT together.

Credits below!

Down a liiiiitttle more for those credits!

Corset/Panties/Garter/Applier - Sweet Thing. "Clockwork Doll"
Top/Sleeves/Shoes - Moon Elixir "Dreamy"
Hair - Lamb. "Miss Mabel"
Marionette Strings - Anara "Marionette Doll Puppet Strings"

Location - Whole Wheat

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