Friday, January 25, 2019

S N O W    D A Z E

It's been... wow! A full year since my last full blog post. A lot of stuff happened in RL, and my pictures and blogging took a major backseat. I still did pictures here and there, but haven't taken the time to properly credit creators the way I like to. 

Disclosure - softened some shadows and added light fog in Photoshop. The items themselves are completely unedited to show quality.

Hair - Moon. "Fatal Horizon"
Blush - Izzie's "Winter Blush Gift"
Breath Particles - Anachron "Cold Weather Blush & Breath Gift"
Bodysuit - Bueno "Bodysuit - Yella Stripe" @ Uber
Snow Particles - Cole's Corner "Snow Daze"

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Ice, Ice Babies

Sad news! A staple of events in SecondLife, the monthly event Genre is closing. During its time, Genre has brought us 12 rounds a year of themed fantasy items... all at a discount! The final round is winter themed, so make sure you browse before it ends and we have to say goodbye!

These amazing "Court of Night" eyes are by Sinful Needs, and they are currently on sale for only 94L. This is a STEAL, as they are Omega applier eyes and each pack comes with an assortment of pupil shapes. 
They paired perfectly with the "Aurae" skin by Lumae, which we fancied up with the "Deathcall" tattoo by Fallen Gods, Inc for a chilly fey look. Every Lumae skin tone is on sale for just 100L for the month of December. With how many appliers and options these skins come with, every one is a great investment!

Also featured are the "Pointy Crystals" and "Geo Crystals" by {LORE}, which can be found at Whimsical currently. They're a great way to add a LOT of interest to a cave. They come with a color change script for both the gem and rock base, and are modifiable for more customization options... always a win with me!

Hair (left to right) - Sintiklia "Bloom", Truth "Ophelia", Olive "Joanna"
Skin - Lumae "Eirtae - Aurae"
Tattoo - Fallen Gods, Inc. "Deathcall"
Eyes - Sinful Needs "Court of Night" @ GENRE
Crystals - {LORE} "Geo Crystals (dark)" "Pointy Crystals (dark)" @ Whimsical

Die Lorelei

"Den Schiffer im kleinen Schiffe
Ergreift es mit wildem Weh;Er schaut nicht die Felsenriffe,Er schat nur hinauf in die Höh.

Ich glaube, die Welllen verschlingenAm Ende Schiffer und Kahn;Und das hat mit ihrem SingenDie Lorelei getan."

"In his little boat, the boatmanIs seized by it with a savage woe.He does not look upon the rocky ledgeBut rather high up into the heavens.

I think that the waves will devour
The boatman and boat in the end
And this by her song's sheer power
Fair Lorelei has done."

From "Die Lorelei" by Heinrich Heine

Beautiful screens and magical things! When I saw this decorative screens/dividers by Plastik, I knew that I wanted to do a dark mermaid picture with my best SL friend, GoddessAwilix. We threw on our beautiful Lorelei tails by Cynefin (as well as their stunning and useful body scales) and struck a pose.
The Leava Panels by Plastik are amazing, which is what I always expect from the brand. I grabbed the fatpack, so I had both the solid and color fade HUDs to play with. And there are so many colors! I also used the Ursula Sea Decor, as I picked it up ages ago and hadn't opened it yet for some reason. I kinda love when that happens, my inventory is full of surprises!

Skin - Lumae "Eirtae - Isciira"
Tail - Cynefin  "Lorelei"
Scales - Cynefin "Body Scales"
Hair - Truth (left) "Ophelia" (right) "Elie"


Screen - [The Plastik] "Leava Panels" @ The Liaison Collaborative
Seashells - [The Plastik] "Ursula Sea Decor"
Centerpiece - Jinx "Gweles Stones - Dark"
Crystals - LORE "Geo Crystals (dark)" @ Whimsical

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Body - Maitreya "Lara"
Head - LAQ "Scarlet"
Hair - Truth "Makena"
Skin - Lumae "Eirtae - T4 Fawn // Bare"
Ears - Mandala "Steking Ears"
Dress - Pixicat "Ballerina.Dress (Fitted) Rare"
Sleeves - Moon Elixir "Prima Ballerina - 04 - Lara - Sleeves - Snow"
Eyes - s0ng "Aimi Eyes"
Particles - Cole's Corner "Summer Solstice - (Linen)"

Tree - Dust Bunny "Christmas Tree RARE"

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


The adorable Aspen sweater by Storybook is sure to keep you cosy in the cold month of December. You can pick it up at this round of the Liaison Collaborative. Fitted for Maitreya, this soft knit is available in 15 colors! I'm a fan of the forest tone, myself. The texturing on this is really nice, and it obviously photographs really well! I chose to wear it as a short dress, but it would also look adorable with skinny jeans or leggings.

Sweater - Storybook "Aspen" @ The Liaison Collaborative
Hair - Truth "Ginevra" new group gift!
Boots - Reign "Oxley Woven Boots - Fatpack #29 RARE"
Bun - [The Plastik] "Kawaii Okashi - Turtlebun Fresh" @ The Arcade

Saturday, December 9, 2017


Heads - LAQ "Scarlet" 1000L WEEKEND DEAL @ mainstore
Skin - Lumae "Eirtae - Elora" 100L SKIN SALE @ mainstore
Tattoos - Izzie's "Metallic Arrow Tattoo" "Metallic Arrow Tattoo"
Hair - [RunAway] "Nymph"
Ears - Mandala "Fantasy Elf Ears"
Outfit - Belle Epoque "Gaia"
Decor - [The Plastik] "Geo Snowflake Wall Decor" @ Winter Trend 2017

LAQ - Weekend Bento Head Deal and Lumae Skin Sale!

Run, don't walk to the LAQ mainstore! Their new mo-cap Bento head, Scarlet, is on sale for 1,000L this weekend only! The head is lovely, and very versatile. This is my first LAQ head, and I am pretty impressed with it. I'm not sure how often I will use the built in freckles, wrinkles, or eyebrows... but they are a wonderful feature to head if it's your first Bento head. It also comes with the Omega system built in, which is less of a headache (get it, headache?!) There are also multiple teeth options, and the option to use system layer eyes.

The delicate, young features are great for a fey look. After playing with it a bit, my friends and I all agreed that this head is best suitable for petite shapes. 

Another great thing: Lumae has set every skin in store to 100L per tone. Previously retired skins have also resurfaced for a limited time. The owner has stated that the sale will last at least a month, so you have time to come back again and again and nab them all!

If you're looking to combine these deals, Lumae's "Eirtae" line of skins fit the LAQ head really well if you select the LOGO - Alex head option!

Heads - LAQ "Scarlet"
Skin - Lumae "Eirtae - Nimbus"
Tattoos - Izzie's "Metallic Arrow Tattoo" "Metallic Lunar Tattoo"
Hair - Truth "Ryleigh" "Essena" "Kare"