Friday, May 26, 2017

Feesh Ladies

What to say, other than "Don't mess with us"? Your local girl gang has gone aquatic! I was joined again by the gorgeous GoddessAwilix and Dannikae for some underwater fun. It's really handy when everyone has similar skins and outfits.. and then we traded hairs and mounts for a bit. After everyone "fished" in their inventory for suitable items, we had a full scene to play with!

All Skins - [The Plastik] "Koie"
All Outfits - Sweet Thing. "Siren Scales" @ ROMP
All Hair - Tableau Vivant
All Mounts - Birdy "Feesh"
All Spears - Storybook "Hippolyta" @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
All Particles - Cole's Corner "Sea Sorcery"

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