Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sun Softly Setting

Storybook has been releasing a lot of moon-themed accessories lately, which I am beyond okay with! The new Luna Necklace, at The Fantasy Collective, matches the circlets from their previous Saga set really well! Though the Saga circlets only come in silver and gold, the silver can easily be tinted to match the rust necklace color (seen far right), so don't let the names deter you! The metal has an interesting grainy texture that I really enjoy, too. Storybook's metallic textures on their items are improving steadily (not that they were ever bad), so I look forward to future releases!

Hair (all) - [RunAway]
Dress (all) - Storybook
Circlets (all) - Storybook @ The Epiphany (2 days until this round ends!)
Necklaces (all) - Storybook @ The Fantasy Collective
Hand Jewelry (all) - .Drastic. @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Friday, August 11, 2017

F A U L T Y - P R O T O C O L

When software gets corrupted, and lovely fembots turn into sentient black widow assassins ~

And/or when Alcyone & Awilix get their hands on cybernetic goodies and decide to wander around the Insilico sim. Who's to know which happened?!

I'll be busy this whole next week, so I am going to keep the credits short and sweet!

Hair (both) - Truth
Eyes (both) - <CyberLove>
Dresses (both) - Blueberry
Chest Implants (both) - Ama.
Arm (left) - Shu Mesh
Makeup (left and lipstick right) - Suicidal Unborn
Rings (right) - RealEvil

Sim - Insilico

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Dragon Priestesses

Soooo.. my best SL friend and I REALLY enjoy wearing matching outfits and taking pictures. I don't think it has ever been more evident than in this set of photos. Luckily, we could still tell ourselves apart by our different shapes!

Read more below!

We are both sporting two new gorgeous accessories by [The Plastik]: the Banyari Horns, currently found at Fantasy Gacha Carnival, and the Ondalea Staff, which was debuted at Prismagica. Both of these beauties come with seriously impressive HUDs and gorgeous textures, which is to be expected from [The Plastik]. The staff is especially impressive to me, as it comes in a variety of sizes and SIX different Bento hold options (12 if you count the mirrored poses)

We are also decked out in gorgeous dragon finery, thanks to the Dragon Mistress set by Moon Elixir, also at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. While every color of this set is lovely, the way the teal color shifts to a soft purple is particularly nice. I really hope they work this set of colors into more of their fantasy releases, because wow!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Babes, Booze, & Birbs

Sometimes you need to be able to cut loose on a random beach with your ladies. When RL (or SL!) is getting you down, it's best to de-stress by dressing up and acting silly. Hanging around with these three always brings me back to cheerfulness, especially after a tough day!

We're all sporting leis from Anachron's Island Lei gacha, found at the current round of SaNaRae, as well as Parakeet Pals by HEXtraordinary and treats from ChicChica's Watermelonia set, both of which can be found at The Gacha Garden.

The Parakeet Pals are especially adorable! If you add them to your avatar, they will appear on your shoulder (great for a pirate buddy!), but you can also add them to your head or hands for fun. Two of the rares are a stand and a lovely manor-themed cage for these cute birbs, so you can also rez them and have them hang out at your home! The animations on them are smooth and adorable - they cock their heads quizzically and flap their little wings from time to time!

Photo taken at an awesome little beach we found - it's small, but decorated very well!

Friday, August 4, 2017


If it isn't obvious from some of my past photos, I loooooove mixing dystopian and steampunk elements. These amazing hanging bulbs by ::Static:: can be found at the current round of The Gacha Garden. They have also offered an adorable gift - a matching idea bulb that will float above your avatar's head. These lights are all resizeable, and can be turned on and off with a click!

I paired the vintage lighting with my favorite dystopian outfit, which consists of pieces by [LAB737] and [The Forge]. 

I also included some of my favorite contact lenses, by <CyberLove>. I was shopping for neat cyborg eyes a while back, and stumbled upon their Dark Trooper Eyes. I wasn't sure of them, but for their super low price of 21 Linden, I decided it was worth a gamble. And it really paid off! These bad boys move with my Catwa eyes flawlessly (after slight tweaking to get them centered, which took maybe 30 seconds) and they are ANIMATED! Pretty much, they are perfect and are a great way to add interest to a steampunk, dystopian, or cybernetic character on the cheap.

Credits below!

Body - Maitreya "Lara"
Head - Catwa "Lona"
Skin - Lumae  "Eirtae - T4 Fawn // Bare " 
Hair - Tableau Vivant "SL14 Gift" current group gift
Bra - Moon Elixir "Athena"
Scarf/Belts/Strap - [LAB737] "Natalya"
Backpack - [LAB737] "Alchemist Backpack Bronze"
Headphones - [The Forge] "Steam Beats Rare"
Contacts - <CyberLove> "Dark Trooper Eyes"
Dirt Applier - Le Forme "Wild Witches Dirty tattoo"

Bulbs - ::Static:: "Vintage Lighting" @ The Gacha Garden

Thursday, August 3, 2017

We Captains Three

The current round of Genre, dedicated to sea-faring life, only has about a week left. There are lockets, tricorn hats, treasure chests, and even BENTO TENTACLE RINGS GUYS to be had, so don't miss out! Since everything at Genre is at least 25% off full price, it's always worth a trip (and a second trip, maybe a third!)

After stopping by SaNaRae to pick up these adorable "Elizabeth" outfits (dress, sleeves, and boots) by Sweet Lies, myself and my two..errr.. mateys skipped over to Genre to accessorize. We all love the tricorn hats by Senzafine - they fit over our different hairstyles with only minor adjustments, rather than being a huge struggle like most hats are! 

Also amazing was the jewelry selection in this round. We were all super excited about the Bento tentacle rings by .Drastic., for obvious reasons. (The reason? THEY. ARE. BADASS.) I also loved the Davy's Lock locket (center avatar) by +XAnSA+. It comes with a lot of stunning HUD choices, so you can match it to any sea-faring outfit you come up with.