Monday, May 1, 2017

Fantasy Faire : Storybook Exclusive Interview

One of my favorite creators, Vix Nirvana of Storybook, agreed to sit meet up with me for a chat; you can find the interview below! Vix is a sweetie, and a creative force! For Fantasy Faire, she debuted the new Valiant tops (picture above). These tops come in a variety of metallic colors, and I personally am in LOVE with the details. There are light scrapes and scratches along the front, some really gorgeous detailing in the back. It was hard to pick a pose for this photo, because I wanted to highlight both sides of the Valiant top! It's a really great item, and fits perfectly without having to fiddle with an alpha HUD, so I foresee using this as a staple in my fantasy closet. 

Interview below!

Body - Maitreya "Lara"
Head - Catwa "Kimberly"
Ears - Mandala "Steking Ears"
Hair - Tableau Vivant "Thea" group gift!
Skin - Lumae "Ruby - T9 Java / Bare"
Eyes - {S0NG] "Aimi Eyes"
Top - Storybook"Valiant" @ Fantasy Faire
Skirt - Moon Elixir "Courtesan"
Arm Chain - Birdy "Boho"
Cuff - The Forge "Boadicea"
Tattoo - Izzie's "Metallic Arrow Tattoo"

Vix Nirvana being adorable!

BranwenAlcyone: First of all, thank you for letting me rope you into an interview! We were playing IM tag there for a while!

Vix Nirvana: I've gone Pro at that. LOL

BranwenAlcyone: I'd love to talk to you a bit about your brand. I've noticed that you design everything from modern/ contemporary to high fantasy. Would you say that you're more drawn to one than the other?

Vix Nirvana: Most definitely.  The high fantasy is far more my calling.  I am more at ease with the genre and my imagination sometimes exceeds the capabilities of skill and SL.  Modern, which I do enjoy making, is more of a challenge for me and I often find that it teaches me new methods to carry over into my fantasy releases.

BranwenAlcyone: That's always a good rule of thumb for any artist; working on your weakness will help you improve more than focusing only on the things you excel at! What's your process like when you sit down to make something new?

Vix Nirvana: Well, in an industry that is very event oriented now, I look at what I am going to be making for.  Themes tend to drive some releases.  If I am allowed free reign, I tend to create my own themes.  Sometimes, it is just me listening to very soothing music, sculpting away at a project that breathes life all it's own.  Sometimes, as time is a weakness for me, I am in a mad rush.  I work very well under pressure at least!  I panic and probably annoy the population, but I turn out more free-thinking things.

BranwenAlcyone: Your stuff always wows me, so no complaints here! I know that a lot of times, the bustle of creator life is invisible to the customers! What's your favorite item that you've designed?

Vix Nirvana: It's a tie, for me!  The Chasm, body tentacles for last years Fantasy Faire.  Those just ...happened!  I remember I started making them at around 4-5 am and didn't really stop.  The other would be my Artemis gacha set.  The bow that I made for it really excited me.  Ribbons, a giant pair of crescent moons, and the wood of the weapon.  I am hard on my work but I even still will slap that bow on for fun!

Doin' her a heckin' big slouch at the Kakushi Pasu sim

BranwenAlcyone: I love the ribbons and chest armor for the Artemis set! And I remember the tentacles being a big "wow" factor! Speaking of Fantasy Faire, can you tell me a little bit about your experience as a creator for the Faire?

Vix Nirvana: I love it!  Everything is insanely well organized, even more so for such a huge event.  I count down the months until it starts again.  I must think of a million things.  A lot of which, Second Life isn't capable of handling, haha!  But, it's a great community.  Seeing what the Sim builders create and how people come together for such an amazing cause.  It is inspiring.

BranwenAlcyone: What kind of limitations with item creation in SL would you think you encounter the most?

Vix Nirvana: Rigging things I've made has been a challenge.  I pride myself on making sure I create things that are wearable without clipping or insane distortion.  There is a folder of lost items on a drive that will never be usable because of how extreme they were.  I can get a bit out of hand.

BranwenAlcyone: Too extreme for SL! That's a thought! :P Have you had much of a chance to enjoy the Faire yourself, or have you been busy with your next release?

Vix Nirvana: A little of both.  I've been doing the quest with my someone and hunting around.  I stop too frequently to squeak at the animals or gawk at how something was laid out as well.  Plus, shopping has happened!  But, I've also started on the next round of a very busy month for Storybook as well as dressing up the new store build.  (Which will be ready soon!)

BranwenAlcyone: I'm glad you've taken some time to enjoy the Faire yourself, I think there is something there for everyone! And I'm personally looking forward with a LOT of anticipation to see what you roll out next!

Vix Nirvana: May will see a LOT of fantasy releases from me.  I think I will have only one modern/mainstream release over the course of the ..six releases coming!

BranwenAlcyone: I have such a weakness for your fantasy stuff; I can't wait!! Thank you for making time to chat with me for a bit!

Vix Nirvana: Not a problem!! ♥

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