Monday, May 1, 2017

Beep Beep, Mothafukkas!

Sometimes in life, you find someone who is more than willing to tolerate your immaturity and need to document it... That special someone will actually join you! And egg you on! And cackle with glee as you pedal furiously through the Fairelands together!

Oh, yeah, go >>HERE<< to get to the Fairelands Junction. It has a teleporter to all the other sims, where you can Quest and buy stuff and junk. You know it's for a good purpose! So go! But I challenge you to drag a friend along and make complete asses of yourselves in public. :D

The Spirit Pool

The Rose

Fairelands Junction


Chaddul Ro

Dawn's Promise

Fallen Sands

San Mora

The Hill

Kakushi Pasu


Opal Flight

Raven's Perch


See you all next year!

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