Thursday, August 3, 2017

We Captains Three

The current round of Genre, dedicated to sea-faring life, only has about a week left. There are lockets, tricorn hats, treasure chests, and even BENTO TENTACLE RINGS GUYS to be had, so don't miss out! Since everything at Genre is at least 25% off full price, it's always worth a trip (and a second trip, maybe a third!)

After stopping by SaNaRae to pick up these adorable "Elizabeth" outfits (dress, sleeves, and boots) by Sweet Lies, myself and my two..errr.. mateys skipped over to Genre to accessorize. We all love the tricorn hats by Senzafine - they fit over our different hairstyles with only minor adjustments, rather than being a huge struggle like most hats are! 

Also amazing was the jewelry selection in this round. We were all super excited about the Bento tentacle rings by .Drastic., for obvious reasons. (The reason? THEY. ARE. BADASS.) I also loved the Davy's Lock locket (center avatar) by +XAnSA+. It comes with a lot of stunning HUD choices, so you can match it to any sea-faring outfit you come up with.

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