Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sun Softly Setting

Storybook has been releasing a lot of moon-themed accessories lately, which I am beyond okay with! The new Luna Necklace, at The Fantasy Collective, matches the circlets from their previous Saga set really well! Though the Saga circlets only come in silver and gold, the silver can easily be tinted to match the rust necklace color (seen far right), so don't let the names deter you! The metal has an interesting grainy texture that I really enjoy, too. Storybook's metallic textures on their items are improving steadily (not that they were ever bad), so I look forward to future releases!

Hair (all) - [RunAway]
Dress (all) - Storybook
Circlets (all) - Storybook @ The Epiphany (2 days until this round ends!)
Necklaces (all) - Storybook @ The Fantasy Collective
Hand Jewelry (all) - .Drastic. @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival


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