Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Dragon Priestesses

Soooo.. my best SL friend and I REALLY enjoy wearing matching outfits and taking pictures. I don't think it has ever been more evident than in this set of photos. Luckily, we could still tell ourselves apart by our different shapes!

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We are both sporting two new gorgeous accessories by [The Plastik]: the Banyari Horns, currently found at Fantasy Gacha Carnival, and the Ondalea Staff, which was debuted at Prismagica. Both of these beauties come with seriously impressive HUDs and gorgeous textures, which is to be expected from [The Plastik]. The staff is especially impressive to me, as it comes in a variety of sizes and SIX different Bento hold options (12 if you count the mirrored poses)

We are also decked out in gorgeous dragon finery, thanks to the Dragon Mistress set by Moon Elixir, also at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. While every color of this set is lovely, the way the teal color shifts to a soft purple is particularly nice. I really hope they work this set of colors into more of their fantasy releases, because wow!

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