Saturday, August 5, 2017

Babes, Booze, & Birbs

Sometimes you need to be able to cut loose on a random beach with your ladies. When RL (or SL!) is getting you down, it's best to de-stress by dressing up and acting silly. Hanging around with these three always brings me back to cheerfulness, especially after a tough day!

We're all sporting leis from Anachron's Island Lei gacha, found at the current round of SaNaRae, as well as Parakeet Pals by HEXtraordinary and treats from ChicChica's Watermelonia set, both of which can be found at The Gacha Garden.

The Parakeet Pals are especially adorable! If you add them to your avatar, they will appear on your shoulder (great for a pirate buddy!), but you can also add them to your head or hands for fun. Two of the rares are a stand and a lovely manor-themed cage for these cute birbs, so you can also rez them and have them hang out at your home! The animations on them are smooth and adorable - they cock their heads quizzically and flap their little wings from time to time!

Photo taken at an awesome little beach we found - it's small, but decorated very well!

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