Friday, April 21, 2017

Fantasy Faire : [The Plastik]

If you haven't played the Deera Gatcha by [The Plastik] at Fantasy Fair (TP to the booth >>HERE<<), you are missing out on some SERIOUS cuteness. These adorable deer avatars come with antlers, eyes, multiple tail options, and their very own AO! They root around, stamp their feet, and when bound along instead of running! The machine is 150$L per play, BUT I say that's a super nice deal for a full avatar with its own AO! If you want one but aren't a gacha person, there is also a Relay For Life exclusive purple one for 199$L right next to the machine! 

I found out today that they make EXCELLENT gifts, and can brighten the day of friends who are feeling a bit low or bored. Luckily I still have a few to hand out for rez days and holidays, or just.. rainy days! It was predictably easy to tempt eight other people to join me in playing with these avatars. These are guaranteed to make you smile!

For other amazing creations by [The Plastik], check out their >>MAINSTORE<<

Dis one mah fren

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