Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Season of Love in SecondLife

What could be better than a new love in a new season? I love seeing new love blossom in SecondLife - though I am happily married, so the Spring tradition of falling in love is more about renewal for me.
It's not often that I wear pink, but with these gorgeous new gachas goodies to offset it, I don't mind BEING pink for a bit! The Eirtae - Rubrae skin by Lumae is perfectly pink, delicately detailed, and is such a soft shade. Be sure to check out my item spotlights below for more reviews!

Body - Maitreya "Lara"
Head - Catwa "Kimberly" Bento head
Skin - Lumae "Eirtae - Rubrae"
Hair - Taketomi "Corrine"
Wings - Lassitude & Ennui "Seraphim" @ The Gacha Garden
Bra, Corset, Panties - Blueberry "Angelberry" @ The Epiphany
Shoes - Sweet Thing. "Bath'kol" 
Particles - Cole's Corner "Cosmic Consciousness"
Item Spotlight: Blueberry "Angelberry"
As everyone has come to expect from Blueberry, this set fits like a DREAM on my Maitreya body. Once again Blue caters to a wide variety of bodies: this machine boasts sizes in Maitreya, Belleza (Isis, Freya, and Venus!), and Slink (Hourglass and Physique!). At 50L a pull you really can't go wrong.
#11 Blueberry - Angelberry - Common - Bra - Pure
#14 Blueberry - Angelberry - Common - Panties - Pure
#19 Blueberry - Angelberry - Common - Corset - Pure

Item Spotlight: Sweet Thing. "Bath'kol"
These beauties are from the December 2017 round of The Arcade. While the entire Bath'kol set is phenomenal, the shoes are my favorite part. Chunky and cute, with just the right amount of shine and detail... I made sure to get one in every color. And since they're a common, it isn't hard to do! The gacha is 75L a pull and Maitreya exclusive (SO glad I have a Maitreya for this one!
Sweet Thing. Bath'kol Wrapped Heels - Purity

Item Spotlight: Lumae "Eirtae - Rubrae"
The pastel fantasy tones of Eirtae are arguably my favorites by Lumae... though that opinion changes with my mood. The wide variety of tones Lumae provides will make any skin lover happy! This skin in particular has appliers for Lelutka, Catwa, LAQ, Slink Visage, TMP Omega, LOGO (Alex, Chloe, Sadie) heads as well as body appliers for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, TMP, Omega, and Omega Petite. There are also some ear and mouth appliers AND a three pack of matching Leevi elf ears as well as the system skin. At just L$850, this skin is an amazing value for an amazing skin! I mean, just look at that cute belly button!
Lumae :: Eirtae - Rubrae // Bare

Item Spotlight: Lassitude & Ennui "Seraphim"
These gorgeous wings can currently be found at The Gacha Garden. These babies are BENTO - they come with a simple but lovely HUD to control flapping speed and with several static poses (great for photos!). They are also AO responsive - they flap realistically when you fly and hover! If you thought it couldn't get any better - they are modifiable, so you can resize, reposition, and recolor to your heart's content! The machine is 75L a pull, and while the rares are quite nice you really CAN'T lose on this machine. Every color is easily worth the 75L.
 Lassitude & Ennui Serpahim Wings - White

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