Thursday, February 16, 2017


This newest round of Genre opened today at noon, and you know I was right there on time! Okay, I was early, and the security bot got real tired of my crap real fast. Anyway! I picked up a few goodies to mix with some things I already had in my inventory for this look. There are also several gifts available if you wear the Genre group tag, which is free to join. For an up close peek at what I got, check out the item spotlights below!

Body - Maitreya "Lara"
Head - Catwa "Kimberly"
Skin - Lumae "Gunnr" @ Genre
Hair - [Runaway Hair] "Rondra Hair"
Outfit - Moon Elixir "Caput Draconis" @ We <3 Roleplay
Shoulder Straps - Moon Elixir "Valhalla"
Bra - Moon Elixir "Athena"
Vest - [XIV] "Fur Vest" @ Genre
Shield - [Ab.Fab] "Ginfaxi Shield" @ Genre
Necklace - [The Forge] "Boadicea's Necklace"
Belt - [The Forge] "Boadicea's Belt"
Axe - FLECHA "Mercenary Axe"
Blood - Suicidal Unborn "Nosebleed"

Item Spotlight : Lumae "Gunnr"
If you had a hard time choosing between the 8 tones Lumae offers of the Gunnr skin at Genre, you aren't alone! I stood at the event demo-ing for at least 20 minutes. The eyes hadow is superb (I LOVE dark smoky eyes) and the face paint makes this skin stand out from any other! Gunnr is another Catwa exclusive release, which basically means Gunnr is one more reason to buy a Catwa head! On top of being gorgeous, each of the 8 tones is only L$125 (!!!) for the duration of the event, so if you are torn between multiple tones like me you should grab more than one!
Lumae "Catwa - Ruby - T4 Fawn / Gunnr"

Item Spotlight : [XIV] "Fur Vest"
Perfect for keeping you warn during those long nights on the longboat, [XIV]'s Fur Vest comes in 4 color options, at L$224 each. The vest comes in 3 Belleza, 2 Slink, a Maitreya, and a standard fitmesh size. The Maitreya size fit my body really well, with enough space in between it and my avatar to have a full outfit with no unsightly clipping issues!
[XIV] "Genre: Fur Vest - Brown"

Item Spotlight : [Ab.Fab] "Ginfaxi Shield"
Just L$188, this gorgeous shield is a delight! It comes with a sheathed back carry position, and a drawn arm carry position - and it's very easy to switch back and forth! This sturdy little beastie is also resizeable, so avatars of any size can be total badasses carrying this bad boy around. The Ginfaxi Shield features interesting carved designs on the wooden shield itself, and gorgeous metalwork banding. A girl's best friend!
[Ab.Fab] "Ginfaxi Shield Box V1.1"

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