Friday, February 10, 2017

I Can't Believe You Found Me!

(Cinderella pt 1)

Enchantment opens tomorrow, February 11, 2017

My favorite item from this round of Enchantment is this FLAWLESS skin by Lumae. I have been completely won over by the soft eyeshadow and lipstick, and the super flattering shade of blush. More Enchantment posts to come in the next few days, so stay tuned! In the meantime, check out my item spotlights below while you wait for that TP HUD to get you into the event!

Body - Maitreya "Lara"
Head - Catwa "Kimberly" Bento head
Skin - Catwa "Catwa - Ella - T2 Cameo / Enchanted" @ Enchantment
Hair - Magika "Fool for Love"
Dress - Sweet Lies "Renata Dress XXS - Sweet Lies Original 3 Common"
Tray - Sweet Lies "Foods Tray - Sweet Lies Original 11 Rare"
Slipper - SPELL "Crystal Slipper" @ The Chapter Four

Item Spotlight: Skin - Lumae "Ella"
Again, Lumae dazzles with a skin that is beautifully detailed! As is the current Lumae trend, this skin is specifically painted to complement a specific brand of mesh head - this time around it's for Catwa heads. The Ella skin comes in all 8 of Lumae's beautiful new natural skintones. The skin demos are available in the Lumae group notices (join fee is L$1) if you want to try them out before you get to the event!
Lumae "Catwa - Ella - T2 Cameo / Enchanted"

Item Spotlight: SPELL "Crystal Slipper"
What luck! SPELL currently has a fairytale-theme decor and accessories gacha at The Chapter Four. And what girl doesn't need a glass slipper to display in her own little castle? The machine is $L75/pull, but don't let that stop you! Every item in the set is well worth owning.
SPELL "SPELL : Crystal Slipper"

Item Spotlight: Sweet Lies "Foods Tray"
I just want to say that the Renata gacha at the Sweet Lies mainstore is a STEAL. Definitely try the demo first, as unlike most Sweet Lies gachas this one is in standard sizing instead of fitmesh, but beyond that... go pull crazy! This machine is only $L15 a pull!!! This tray full of noms is one of the rares, and comes with a partial pose - your arm will hold the tray without interfering with the rest of your AO! The arm pose looks super natural too, not stiff or unrealistic at all.
Tray - Sweet Lies "Foods Tray - Sweet Lies Original 11 Rare"

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