Monday, June 5, 2017

We're Just Two Lost Souls Swimming In A Fishbowl

The Betta Aquariums set by HEXtraordinary, currently found at The Arcade, makes me smile so big. They have a pretty extensive list of small pet gachas, and this one is my new favorite!There are tons of colors of male and female betta fish to collect, as well as some adorable snails! They are all animated on their own, and also can be activated with each of the rare aquariums to adventure in their little space! my favorite is the Brass Aquarium; I love the curly legs it stands on. The 25 pull reward is adorable - it's that grumpy lil fish in the baggy - it has both hold and rez versions!

I paired this set with the Vindeluna decor set by Plastik, which is also at The Arcade! The details and texturing on this set is beyond gorgeous, and honestly the commons are as pretty as the rares!

My gorgeous friend Lix, on the left, is wearing the Ask hair by Lamb, also (big surprise!) found at The Arcade. This hair is gorgeous. Lix and I usually have different taste in hair, but we both LOVE this style!

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