Sunday, June 4, 2017

Rarest Specimens

I am in love with the Vindeluna decor set by [The Plastik], which is available at the current round of The Arcade for 75L per pull. The set combines industria, obscura, and some truly amazing texturing. For reference, The two avatars are full size! I had a lot of fun making everything else giant-sized for the photo set. The Vindeluna items' texturing held up to being scaled amazing well, and really showed off the details. Also, which I personally find pretty fantastic, the items didn't jump up in prims when resized!

Credits below!!

Dresses - The Annex "Blossom"
Standing Props - Stockholm&Decor "Collectors Box"
Bug Specimens - Soy "Wall Decor [Insect Specimen +Dish]" MadPea "Interview" game prize
Plant Specimen - Apple Fall "Fern Specimen"
Candles - Aisling "Candles"
Table - Artisan Fantasy "Harvest Entry Table"
Webs - ++Half-Deer+ "Starlight Spiderwebs"
Mirror/Sconces/Tea Set/Planter/Glasses - [The Plastik] "Vindeluna" @ The Arcade

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