Tuesday, July 4, 2017

"My date book shows that you're actually overdue for a Judgment Day. We have an opening later today, I'll pencil you in."

I had this really funny mental image of a merciless angel secretary that has to juggle appointments for things like Judgment Day, the Anti-Christ being born, and had to plan out all the plagues in Egypt. She started as a temp and can't make a decent cup of coffee, but is surprisingly efficient at... the other stuff, so she's been kept on full time.

This gorgeous dress, "Hum" by Storybook, is draped in a really pretty way; the back and sides are way more exposed than the front, which is really a lovely combination and shows plent of skin while still covering up the essentials... without having to toy with an alpha HUD!

Body - Maitreya "Lara"
Head - Catwa "Lona"
Hair - Exile "All My Best Lies" @ Hair Fair
Ears - Mandala "Steking Ears"
Wings - Vincue & Cerberus Xing "Airie+Wings - Silver Rare" @ Crystal Heart Festival
Skin - Lumae "Eirtae - T4 Fawn // Showgirl"
Rings - [The Plastik] "Mori bento Ringest"

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